Frequently Asked Questions

Get to know about Investview

  • What is Investview?

    Investview is an investment portfolio management company, we take the risk of the investment for you, we peovide various investmemnt options and diversify your portfolio

  • What does Investview invest in?

    We invest in forex trade, capital market, bonds, stocks, art and real estate. A little here and a little there keeps your portfolio safe.

  • What are the risks of investing with Investview?

    We ensure that all investments we make are on safe commodities, but not withstanding there are risks to every investment, and we will bear the risk up to 50% of invested capital

  • When can I withdraw?

    You can make a withdrawal once the time elapses according to your investment plan, capital may be available or not depending on investment plan.

  • Is investment open to everyone?

    Investment is open to anyone and everyone over the age of 18, who understands the process of investment and risks associated with investment, although an account can be set up for minors, but this has to be done with the help of the gaurdian or parents.


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